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Zune HD Device Firmware 4.3

When I synced my Zune HDs today, I got an alert about updating to a new device firmware version, 4.3. (The previous version was 4.1.) No word on what's changed, if anything, and I don't see anything about it online yet. Anyone?

Update: Microsoft later documented the update:

Today we released the v4.3 firmware update for Zune HD players; this update adds support for upcoming 3d games and applications, as well as an auto-suggest feature for better text input, and other minor improvements. Enjoy!

What’s new in Zune HD 4.3 Firmware

Support for the upcoming 3D games and applications.

  • Auto Suggest feature for text input.

  • Faster web browsing experience.

  • Landscape keyboard

  • Keyboard option has been added in the settings section.

  • New toggle between seek and presets under Radio.

  • Under the Internet in settings, you can now toggle to default mobile or desktop webpage layout.

  • Artists bios are updated; embedded links to other artists in text.

  • Other bug fixes.

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