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yWorks Debuts yFiles for Silverlight

yWorks, a provider of diagramming components for .NET, Java, and Adobe Flex applications, released yFiles for Silverlight, a diagramming library for the Microsoft Silverlight 3 framework. The library contains algorithms for client-side automatic diagram layout and graph analysis, as well as a viewer component for visualizing and editing diagrams.


Key features of yFiles for Silverlight include:

·         Auto-layout functionality that covers a multitude of diagram types—UML diagrams, flowcharts, business process diagrams, organization charts, family trees, biological pathways, social networks, and more.

·         Flexibility: You can customize any aspect of the diagramming components, including the appearance and behavior of all diagram elements and user interaction of the diagram control.

·         Fast-performing components that can handle large diagrams with thousands of elements.

·         Graph and network analysis, including algorithms such as shortest path detection and connectivity analysis that help analyze the network structure of a diagram.


yWorks offers a Graph Editor Demo application, at, that lets you add new nodes and edges to a graph, move or delete nodes, change node labels, apply a layout algorithm, download the current graph, and perform other actions that help you get a feel for using yFiles for Silverlight.


Pricing for yFiles for Silverlight starts at $4,900, and a 30-day evaluation version is available at

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