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Yikes: Apple's iMac hits 3.06 GHz

Regardless of your feelings about Apple, it's hard not to look at almost any Apple hardware and not be impressed. The iMac is particularly gorgeous now, though I do miss the gesticulating screen on the second generation version. This morning, Apple announced a small update to the iMac in that they're not changing the enclosure at all. What they are offering however is a nifty speed bump to 3.06 GHz:

Apple today updated its all-in-one iMac line with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors and the most powerful graphics ever available in an iMac. With prices starting at just $1,199, iMac includes faster processors with 6MB L2 cache and a faster 1066 MHz front-side bus across the entire line, and 2GB of memory standard in most models. The 24-inch iMac now offers a 3.06 GHz Intel processor and the high-performance NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics as options, extending iMac’s lead as the ultimate all-in-one desktop computer for both consumers and professionals.

Well, that's interesting.

Now the iMac is positioned for both consumers and professionals. (That sliver and black look should have been a clue.) Certainly, the new CPU and graphics options make this a reality. As does the base price for a 3.06 GHz iMac: A whopping $2199. That's the upper end of the PC market. And God is it gorgeous.

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