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Xbox 360 beats PS3 in Japan

With all the bad news swirling around the Xbox 360 these days, I'm happy to link to something positive for a change. Even if it is unbelievably temporary and because of a game I've never even heard of:

Microsoft's Xbox 360 beat Sony's PlayStation 3 in Japan weekly sales for the first time two weeks ago, riding robust demand for a recent Xbox 360 title.

Microsoft sold 28,116 units of the Xbox 360 in the week ended August 10, compared with 10,705 units of the PS3, driven by the August 7 launch in Japan of Namco Bandai's "Tales of Vesperia" role-playing game.

During the week, the Microsoft machine still lagged behind Nintendo's Wii, which sold 41,044 units.

Namco Bandai plans to launch "Tales of Vesperia," an Xbox 360 exclusive, in North America on August 26.

Exciting, no? OK, moving on...

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