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Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone ... DOOM is coming soon

Nice! Id Software has released a version of the classic DOS game Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone, and they promise a version of the original DOOM soon as well.

The grandfather of the FPS is at your fingertips!

Wolfenstein 3D Classic is non-stop action and all of the memorable enemies are there for you to conquer, from Hans Grosse to MechaHitler!

Includes all six original episodes with 60 classic levels and unforgettable weapons like the brutal chain gun.

Search levels for hidden secrets that reveal stolen Nazi treasure, health packs, ammo and weapons or even short cuts.

Choose clever new touch controls or drive with the tilt controls to halt the diabolical Nazi schemes.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic makes use of an all new control system designed for the iPhone by technical
visionary and id Software founder, John Carmack.

More: John Carmack on developing for the iPhone

Download Wolfenstein 3D Classic for iPhone (Direct FTP download)

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