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Xbox LIVE Titles for Xbox 360, Windows Phone in 2012

Microsoft today highlighted some of the Xbox LIVE titles that will ship in 2012 on the Xbox 360 console and Windows Phone. Of course, this has me wondering: What about the new Xbox LIVE titles for Windows?


Microsoft announced a slew of new Xbox LIVE titles for this year in separate blog posts by the Xbox and Windows Phone teams. Here are some highlights:


Xbox 360


The biggest game of 2012, I'm sure, will be Halo 4. It's being developed by an all-new team at Microsoft Studios and features the return of Master Chief. This one will be huge. But other notable offerings for the year include Forza Horizon and Resident Evil: Raccoon City, plus Mass Effect 3 and Kinect Star Wars for Kinect. There are also a slew of Xbox LIVE Arcade titles coming, including Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.



Here's a great video about Halo 4:



Check out the post for the full list.


Windows Phone


On the Windows Phone front, there are a few tier-one titles as well, including Carcassonne and Pinball FX2, the latter of which is included in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Also, Windows Phone users will get two Sid Meiers games: Civilization Revolution and Pirates!



Check out the post for the full list.




OK, I lied. There was exactly one game for Windows discussed here: The previously announced Microsoft Flight, a replacement for Flight Simulator. And guess what? It's available now for free download!



According to the company, "Microsoft Flight is a new Windows PC game that lets players jump into the thrill of flight with no special hardware or past experience. This Spring, fans will be able to purchase the Journey to Alaska Pack, the second in a series of expansion packs for the game with over 1.2 million square miles of captivating scenery, additional missions and new aircraft."

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