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Windows XP User Interface Gallery

The default desktop is clean and devoid of icons, except for the Recycle Bin.

The new Start Menu offers one-click access to the most recently used programs and frequently visited locations.

My Computer has been updated with new icons and a new context-sensitive Web view panel.

The Whistler user interface includes numerous new graphical cues, including yellow highlighting on selected items.

System Restore is significantly improved over the version in Windows Me, with per-drive settings.

The new Control Panel--shown here in Category view--is a far more logically arranged than before.

Users with LCD monitors, like those on laptops, should enable ClearType for cleaner text displays.

Workgroup (non-domain) users will find the new User Accounts applet much easier to use.

You can control a variety of visual effect options to fine-tune how your system looks and responds.

Soft blocks, like the one shown here in the root of the system drive, benefit from visual make-overs.

A new "film strip" view makes working with images much easier.

All context-sensitive menus have been enhanced significantly to give you quick access to any option you'll need.

A new Photo Printing Wizard lets you print images directly from the shell.

The Layout selection capabilities are designed specifically to help print digital photos on consumer-level ink jet printers.

Windows Media and MP3 audio formats are integrated into the shell so that you can access commonly-needed options easily.
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