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Windows XP Build 2465 Gallery

Windows XP Build 2465 Gallery
User interface changes highlight the first post-Beta 2 build
The new Welcome screen is even more attractive than in Beta 2. "Bliss" is now the default wallpaper. And speaking of wallpaper, Build 2465 ships with a stunning variety of beautiful background images, such as this one...
...And this new "Windows XP" backdrop. Outlook Express has been updated with some visual niceties... ...including the "Luna" look and feel. Note the rounded taskbar buttons too.
The Start menu has been visually tweaked with new icons and blue bars on the left of each menu. Windows Media Player 8 has been updated as well. Build 2465 includes the latest version of MSN Explorer, version 6.1.
The Help and Support application has been visually updated somewhat. Version 2002? Hmm.... The new Corporate skin in Windows Media Player 8, floating above another stunning wallpaper.
Here we can see taskbar button grouping. Note the rounded taskbar buttons again.    
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