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Windows Store Preview: Info, Shots, and Event Photos and Video

Here's everything you need to know about the Windows Store, courtesy of last night's special preview event in San Francisco.

Windows Store facts and figures

According to Microsoft, the Windows Store will make it easy for Windows customers to find, try and buy useful, high-quality apps from practically anywhere in the world. With Windows 8 and the Windows Store, developers can enjoy a built-in distribution and update mechanism for their apps. Built using HTML5 and JavaScript, the Windows Store is a fast, fluid, full-screen Metro-style app taking advantage of the Metro-style design principles inspired in Windows 8. Easy to build for, submit to and sell through, the Windows Store is designed with app discoverability and visibility in mind. The Windows Store will open its virtual doors to consumers and begin allowing for submission of free apps for Windows 8 Beta in late February.

Reach. The Windows Store will be global, enabling developers to sell their apps in over 230 markets and in more than 100 languages.

Revenue model. Microsoft is utilizing the same 70/30 revenue split that Apple employees in its iOS and Mac App Stores. However, successful apps--those that earn $25,000 or more in revenue, will then begin enjoying an 80/20 revenue split. Apps can be priced for $1.49 to $999.999. Joining the developer program involves a $49 annual fee for individuals, $99 for companies.

Optional app features. Windows apps can include in-app purchases or alternative transaction services, their choice. They can also use Microsoft's advertising platform or any third party ad platform.

Visibility. Though all non-enterprise apps must be purchased through the Windows Store, consumers will be able to find and research apps through the web and popular search engines. Internet Explorer 10 will be customized to handle special app markup in HTML to make the discovery capabilities even more seamless, Microsoft says.

Transparency. Unlike with Apple's mysterious and dubious app approval process, Microsoft's will utilize a transparent and fair certification process. The full policy can be viewed online.

Download the Fact Sheet (.docx format) for more information.

Windows Store shots and event photos

Microsoft provided the following shots of Windows Store and photos from the announcement event in San Francisco.











The following video from the event is also available.

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