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Windows Phone 7 App Pick: Tasks At Last

App type: Productivity
Publisher: Supernaut Software
Release date: April 5, 2011
Price: $3.99
Phone features used: Data connection

Download Tasks At Last for Windows Phone 7

It's no secret that the initial shipping version of Windows Phone 7 is incomplete, and while a list of what's missing or not working properly would require a tremendous effort, I can pretty easily boil down the biggest complaints I get from readers to a few crucial areas. And one of them is tasks integration: While Windows Phone provides decent to excellent support for Exchange and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)-based email, contacts, and calendaring, it provides no tasks support at all. And with the platform's first year rapidly expiring, it's pretty clear that Microsoft has no intention whatsoever of fixing this or the many other missing features. So third parties are stepping in where they can to fill in the gaps.


Tasks At Last is one such effort, and of the handful of Windows Phone 7 tasks apps, this is one of the better ones. It provides full support for Exchange 2007- and Exchange 2010-based tasks, allowing you to finally be able to sync, complete, and delete Exchange-based tasks with your mobile device of choice.


Tasks At Last lets you create, view, edit, sync, complete, and delete tasks with the phone, and it provides multiple View By styles including Due Date, Categories, Priority, Reminder Time, Subject, Start Date, and Date Completed.


If you felt stung by Windows Phone's lack of task integration, Tasks At Last will do the trick, but only if you're using Exchange. Those with EAS-type accounts (including Google, which provides tasks functionality via its Google Calendar service) are still out of luck, sorry.

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