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Windows 8 Secrets, Beyond the Book: Guide to Product Editions

In the book Windows 8 Secrets, we provide a handy series of tables explaining the major differences between the Windows 8 product editions, which include Windows 8 (Core), Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT. Here, however, we present a far more complete feature breakdown than you’ll see anywhere else.

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As a reminder, Microsoft first provided a feature breakdown for the various Window 8 product editions back in April, in a post titled Announcing the Windows 8 Editions. As with similar Microsoft-produced tables for previous Windows versions, however, this this breakdown is woefully inadequate. So in Windows 8 Secrets, we provide a more detailed set of tables based on functional areas such as hardware capabilities, upgrade capabilities, Metro features, desktop features, and so on.

In the book, we were somewhat constrained in the book by space reasons and by the needs of the target audience. But we know that some readers are interested in the most comprehensive possible breakdown of features that are included in each product edition. And while the following is not technically complete—a full features breakdown would be mind-numbingly complex and arguably pointless—what you see here is an exclusive deeper dive than you’ll see anywhere else. 

Our goal, of course, is to keep this table as accurate as possible. If you notice any mistakes or missing features, please let us know: Paul ThurrottRafael Rivera

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