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Windows 7 Screenshots: Ultimate Edition

For those Windows users who simply must have everything, Windows 7 Ultimate offers all of the features from Enterprise edition but loses the volume licensing requirement. So you can think of Ultimate edition as Enterprise for consumers (and other retail customers). Windows 7 Ultimate is kind of a wild-card. It is available at retail and with new PCs, but Microsoft says that it will not be heavily marketed and will instead be "offer-based" via occasional promotions and offers from both PC makers and retailers. That said, the pricing isn't as bad as anticipated. I wouldn't be surprised to see Windows 7 Ultimate sell better than its predecessor.

These shots depict the final, shipping version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
The Windows 7 Ultimate default desktop.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
Due to its mixed-use design, the Windows 7 Ultimate Start Menu is pre-populated with consumer- and business-oriented tools.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
The Getting Started Jump List.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
All Programs in the Windows 7 Ultimate Start Menu.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
Windows Explorer.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
Action Center.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
Windows Media Center.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
Calculator, Snipping Tool, Windows Gadget Gallery, and Sticky Notes.

Windows 7 Ultimate RTM
The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 8, side-by-side.

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