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Windows 7 Build 6956 Screenshots

While the busy little elves up in Santa's workshop in Redmond are working hard on making the Windows 7 Beta a reality--I hear they're up beyond build 7000 at this point--I've been working with a number of earlier builds. These builds fall after the M3 ("milestone 3") build the company released at PDC 2008 but before Beta 1, which is expected next month. I had previously published a number of shots from these builds, but in looking over the most recently leaked build, build 6956, it occurred to me that my previous shots didn't accurately reflect the most recent UI elements in some cases. This set of shots seeks to address that.

What you'll see here are the new Windows Explorer icon, the new Action Center user experience, some new sample pictures, some preinstalled Windows Themes complete with slideshows, the new Compatibility View updates option in IE 8, and a few other goodies. Enjoy.

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