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Test Drive Surface Pro Today!

Test Drive Surface Pro Today!

Surface Pro goes on sale later in the week, but some retailers will have demo units out today

In the days ahead, I’ll be unleashing a tsunami of coverage around the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet. But you don’t need to wait for me to see Surface Pro for yourself: Starting today, select retailers will have demo units in their stores for you to try your own hands-on evaluation.

It’s not clear which retailers will have Surface Pro available to demo. But I’ve previously reported that Best Buy, Staples, and the Microsoft Store will be selling Microsoft’s new tablet device. So if one of these retail stores is in the area and you simply can’t wait to see what it’s like, head on over to check it out. You never know.

Microsoft previously revealed that Surface Pro would be available for purchase on February 9. I’ve not heard anything about pre-orders, and scanning today’s Best Buy circular and Microsoft Store’s web site, I don’t see any mention about such a thing, so you may simply need to wait for that date. It is reasonable to assume that I will begin my own exhaustive coverage of Surface Pro on February 9 as well.

Of course, I know many of you are as excited about Surface Pro as I am. I previously published Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Preview, which is worth reviewing. And last October’s Microsoft Surface: RT vs. Pro, a Specifications Comparison provides a useful reminder about the differences between the original Surface RT and the new device.

More soon. A lot more.

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