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Send to Kindle for PC

Kindle fans and users are probably familiar with the fact that they can wirelessly send documents to their eBook reader via a special email address provided by Amazon. Or, you can physically connect the Kindle to your PC via USB and perform a normal file copy operation. Today, Amazon announced another, even easier way called Send to Kindle, which combines the previous new methods. 

It's like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. For your Kindle. Sort of.

"We are excited to announce Send to Kindle for PC, adding another convenient way to send documents to your Kindle device or supported Kindle app from Windows Explorer and many other Windows applications," a posting to the Kindle Daily Post reads. "From Windows Explorer, simply right-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle. From any other Windows application that can print, select Print and choose Send to Kindle."


Send to Kindle is a free download from And the company says a Mac version is coming too, if you're that sort of person.

You can find out more about using documents with your Kindle on the Kindle Personal Documents Service site.

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