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Play Cut the Rope for Free on the Web with IE

During yesterday's Microsoft keynote at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Tami Reller showed off a version of the hit mobile game "Cut the Rope" that had been ported first to the web and then to Windows 8, which made me wonder if that web version would be made public. Well, it has been made public, and it's available now for free to users of Internet Explorer!

"We partnered with ZeptoLab to develop a new web version of the game that's built entirely in HTML5, and it really unleashes the power of IE9 and brings the game to everyone," she said. "So, ZeptoLab saw how easy it would be to leverage this work, this HTML5 work for Windows 8 and so they did. Well, I have Cut The Rope on my system, so I am going to have us play a little game of Cut The Rope, how about that."

You can find this free version of Cut the Rope for IE now on the web. And if you're familiar with the game, you'll see it's a great port of the original game.


And be sure to check out the site's Behind the Scenes page, which describes how the HTML version of the game was made.

And yes, before you comment to this effect, the game does work in other browsers.

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