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Personalize Your Desktop With New, Free Themes from Microsoft Microsoft

Personalize Your Desktop With New, Free Themes from Microsoft

U.S.-based Windows 10 users who have installed the Creators Update can now zhoosh up their desktop, thanks to the availability of free Windows 10 desktop themes in the Windows Store.

Bill Davis, Windows and Devices Group senior manager, blogged this morning:

If you have the Creators Update, you can open Settings, select Personalization,Themes and then the “Get more themes in the store” link – or, click here to go right to the Windows Store.

Once downloaded, you can launch your new theme from the Windows Store or click on it in Settings, Personalization, Themes, and Apply a theme.

That’s it! Download as many themes as you’d like.

There are a few granular customization options within each theme -- you can pick accent colors, for example.

Of course, what your computer desktop looks like all depends on your personal approach to productivity -- some people like minimalist desktops, others enjoy inspirational ones, still others like using their desktop as an organizational schema. With a wide variety of photos and patterns, looks like the new desktop themes have you covered for any of those options.

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