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Microsoft Searches for Rustock's Operators

Microsoft sends word that it is now looking for those responsible for the Rustock spam botnet, which it took down in March.

In March 2011, Microsoft took down the massive Rustock spam botnet, but taking (and keeping) it down wasn’t the end of the story for Microsoft.  Investigators with Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit are determined to identify and find the person or persons behind Rustock and as of last week they are one step closer to zeroing in on one of the perpetrators.

Evidence has led Microsoft to Russia, where the company published advertisements in two major Russian newspapers in an effort to notify one of the alleged defendants of the takedown and when and where they are being summoned to attend a hearing in the case.

Tracking botherders, who are experts at anonymity, has proven incredibly difficult, Microsoft is serious about making every effort to locate the people behind Rustock, wherever the evidence leads them. 

For more information on why Microsoft believes one of the defendants has a Russian connection, check out this blog post by Richard Boscovich

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