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Microsoft Device Center Beta for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

This is interesting. Microsoft released a beta version of a new management interface for its keyboards and mice. Dubbed the Microsoft Device Center, this software runs only on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and provides a hint, perhaps, at the future of device management on Windows.

Microsoft Device Center is a desktop application, not a Metro-style app.

According to the Device Center web site, this utility provides an easy-to-use, Windows 8-style user interface. Here's some information from Microsoft:

Device Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC

  • Tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet your unique needs and work style.
  • Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to make it easier to use the unique features of most PC apps.

Effortlessly transition to Device Center from existing device management apps

  • Launch the app from the Windows 8 Start screen.
  • View and change basic and application-specific settings for all connected devices in one place.
  • Explore features with pop-up descriptive and “how-to” InfoTips.
  • Includes access to an online How-To/Troubleshooting library.
  • Includes access to an online Healthy Computing Guide for tips on how to work more comfortably on your computer.

Here are a few shots of the software:




Fun fact: Microsoft calls this kind of UI a "Metro inspired" application to differentiate it from a "pure Metro" app.

Download the Microsoft Device Center Beta for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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