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Leaked Screens Reveal Windows 8 Beta Theme Choices

The Chinese web site has leaked some screenshots of a Beta-era Windows 8 build that shows off some new choices in Setup that include, among other things, a Start screen theme color picker.

As is often the case with these types of screens, they're overly-watermarked and hard to see. But I'll use my Windows 8 Developer Preview Setup Screenshot Gallery as a guide to determine which screens these represent and how things have changed.

First, these screens depict the post-Setup "out of box" experience, where you configure user and PC settings. Personalize is the first part of this step, and in the Developer Preview, you configure your PC name only. Here, in these leaked screens, you can also configure a Start screen theme color:


Next up is Settings. In the Developer Preview, this includes a choice between Express Settings and a more customizable screen where you can step through individual settings--for Windows Update, automatic updates, and the like--and it looks like this has changed a bit as well:


After all that, you logon for the first time. In the Developer Preview, this is called Log On, but in the leaked screens, this has changed to Sign In To Your PC. I usually logon with a Windows Live ID, but the leaked screens depict a more traditional local account logon, where you also specify a password (twice) and a password hint:


So far, that's all I've seen. Nothing major, and the theme colors option was previously known to be arriving in the Beta anyway. Still, it's always interesting to see some progress.

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