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How To: Automatically Save Screenshots to OneDrive

How To: Automatically Save Screenshots to OneDrive

A week or so ago, a few folks noticed that a new Setting option for OneDrive had been added that would force screenshots to be saved to a special folder in their OneDrive profile. At the time, though, it was just a setting addition – and didn't really work. Sometime since then, it seems Microsoft has finally enabled the setting – somewhere – in the Cloud.

Now, if you perform a standard screen capture using the appropriate keyboard commands, screen captures will not only auto-save to the Cloud, but also notify you when it happens as both a toast notification and an Action Center report.

There's a couple ways to capture the screen using a keyboard:

  • Printscreen – captures the entire screen (including all screens in a multi-monitor setup)

  • Alt+Printscreen – captures just the current window

Screen captures are saved to a Pictures\Screenshots folder in your local OneDrive profile, which is then synched to the Microsoft Cloud, for access to it from the web in the same path location…



To turn on this setting…

  1. Locate the OneDrive icon in the Windows 10 System Tray, right-click on it and choose Settings.

  2. Flip to the Auto save tab and check the box to enable Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive.

  3. Tap or click OK to save the setting.

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