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Contre Jour + IE 10 = Multi-Touch Gaming on the Web

Microsoft announced today that it has participated in the porting of a hit iOS game, Contre Jour, to the web with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. Described as the most ambitious use of HTML5 to date, Contre Jour needs to be experienced with a Windows 8 (or RT) tablet to be fully appreciated.

“Coupled with the entirely new IE10 browsing experience, the game play of Contre Jour on the web is simply stunning,” Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin wrote in a post to the Exploring IE blog. “It is as fast and fluid as many native apps, and with IE10 and Windows 8, it is perfect for touch. Once you start playing in IE10 on Windows 8, you immediately forget you’re on a website.”

Microsoft provided the following video showing off the game play:

According to Gavin, Contre Jour is the first web-based game that actually requires multi-touch (on some levels), something previously found only on mobile device games. And the in-game elements are drawn dynamically using just math and physics on an HTML5 canvas, instead of with sprites, a mathematical complexity that is unprecedented in web-based games.

For more information about how the game was made, check out this second video:

Interested in playing Contre Jour on the web? Check it out now at

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