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Windows Phone 7 Fan Happy Microsoft Didn’t Screw It Up At the Last Minute, Like Usual

Brian Hogg (of Mosspuppet fame) has written a hilarious spoof article about, well, me. It's good stuff.

Longtime Microsoft advocate Paul Thurrott was visibly relieved today to find out that Windows Phone 7, the latest smartphone platform released by the Redmond giant, was not crippled at the last minute by some piece of idiotic bureaucracy, as he feared it would. “Most of the time, Microsoft takes what should be this wonderful new initiative, and they hobble it in some way, right before it goes out the door. Because they’re uncomfortable with remaining relevant, apparently.”

Thurrott, who runs The Supersite for Windows, a website dedicated to covering all things related to Microsoft, breathed a sigh of sweet relief as he clutched his new Samsung Focus to his chest, stroking the screen absently, while an array of smart tiles continually updated, displaying relevant information about his life and schedule. “It’s such a big company, and there are so many departments, each of whom fight to be the darling of the whole company, that their initiatives go down in flames most of the time. It’s as sad as it is predictable, but, hey, this time they didn’t cock it up! Have you seen Windows Phone 7? It does exactly what Microsoft said it would. Which is amazing.”

LOL. Enjoy.

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