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Windows Mobile 6.5.1 on the Way?

I guess this is no huge surprise, but Download Squad reports that Microsoft is already working on a minor revision to the recently released Windows Mobile 6.5:

When Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5 earlier this month, the latest version of the company's operating system for cell smart phones and mobile devices was met with lukewarm (if not hostile) reviews. In a nutshell, the biggest complaint is that the operating system was essentially unchanged from the previous few versions and didn't offer much to convince users to stick with the platform instead of switching to an iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, or Palm device.

But there may be hope. Windows Mobile 6.5 does have a new and improved web browser and home screen, even if the calendar and contacts applications haven't changed in half a decade. And now it looks like Microsoft is working on an incremental update that may or may not be called Windows Mobile 6.5.1 that will bring a number of minor but significant improvements.

No real news here (they do quote Long Zheng, after all), but it looks like some of the new features include a touch-friendly Contacts application, the move of the Start button back to the bottom left of the screen (where it was originally, a la desktop Windows, back in the mid- to late-1990s), and an overall visual refresh.

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