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Windows Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List

Or, to use a more controversial headline which I'm sure you'll see elsewhere:

Internet Explorer 8 natively incompatible with over 3,000 web sites

Microsoft has provided a list of web sites (in super-convenient Excel format) that haven't taken as little as 10 minutes of time to make sure they work properly with IE 8, shipping today:

This download consists of a list of sites that are most likely to be displayed better in Compatibility View in Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 is Microsoft’s latest web browser. Unlike previous versions, Internet Explorer 8 renders content in the most standards-compliant way possible. This means that web pages will be displayed in Internet Explorer 8’s standards mode by default. Through product feedback channels, our users have indicated that, during the beta period, some websites may not have been compatible with Internet Explorer 8 in its default, standards-based mode. As a result, these domains have been added to a list of sites that, for the short-term, are most likely to be displayed better in Compatibility View. All Internet Explorer 8 users are given the choice to use this list, and the subset that chooses to do so will see each listed domain automatically displayed in Compatibility View, without additional user interaction or notice. The sites on this list have high traffic volume (in their regions), and having a compatible website ensures a significant number of Internet Explorer 8 users will have a great experience. This list will be periodically updated and automatically downloaded to Internet Explorer 8 users who have opted-in to use Compatibility View updates from Microsoft. For more information on Compatibility View list updates, please see -

This is a public prod, of sorts, for those sites to get off their duffs and get to work.

Or it would be. You know, if, and (among other Microsoft properties) weren't on the list too.


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