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Windows Home Server heads to Japan

From Microsoft:

Microsoft is pleased to officially bring Windows Home Server to the Japanese market with a Japanese language version of the product.

13 hardware partners will be releasing products based on Windows Home Server for the Japanese market coinciding with the launch of the Japanese version. Companies to release Windows Home Server products for Japan include Epson, NEC, Mouse Computer Japan, Logitec, Thirdwave, Unitcom, Tsukumo, PDX Japan, Clevery, Regin, Applied, Sofmap, and Sycom.

Building on the success of the English language version, the new Japanese version will provide local language support as well as greater opportunities for OEM and ODM partners in Japan to create solutions extending Windows Home Server’s capabilities for the digital home. Windows Home Server already has considerable success in Japan with a growing community of enthusiasts, numerous blog sites, a Tokyo-based user group and local MVPs in Japan.

The launch of Windows Home Server in Japan is a testament to the product’s growing momentum in the international market. Since launching last November, Windows Home Server has been embraced by customers and industry partners and can now be purchased in 50 countries worldwide. A growing ecosystem of third-party software developers have released or have announced more than 60 Add-in programs extending Windows Home Server’s capabilities.

A press event was held in Tokyo on August 20 Japan Time to celebrate the launch of Windows Home Server in Japan, which included demos of the new Windows Home Server products from hardware partners such as Epson, NEC, Mouse Computer Japan, to name a few. A consumer launch event is planned on August 30 at Akihabara, the heart of the consumer technology scene in Tokyo.

To download some images of the new Windows Home Server products for Japan, please visit the following links:

The Epson Endeavor Windows Home Server, here and here
Mouse Computer Japan Windows Home Server
Clevery Windows Home Server
Applied Windows Home Server

For more information, please visit the Windows Home Server blog.

That Epson machine, in particular, looks awesome. I'm particularly interested in non-traditional form factors for home servers and, increasingly, for PCs as well.

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