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Windows Home Server Code2Fame Challenge Winners Announced!

From the Windows Home Server blog:

Yesterday here on campus we hosted a fun event to select the Code2Fame Challenge winners. The three finalists presented their Add-In wares to a panel of esteemed judges, who in turn determined the first, second and third prizes…each with an associated award of cold, hard cash. Without further ado, the winners are (drumroll, please):

First prize: Andrew Grant for Whiist. Whiist is a very cool (and free) Add-In that allows users to easily host multiple web pages and photo albums on Windows Home Server.

Second prize: David Wright for Jungle Disk. Jungle Disk provides inexpensive online backup and storage of Home Server content, using Amazon’s S3 infrastructure.

Third prize: Prakash Gautam for Community Feeds for Windows Home Server. This free Add-In pulls text, audio or video down to Home Server via RSS, so it’s viewable from an Xbox or any Windows Media Connect device.

Thanks as well to our esteemed judges (back row in picture below, left to right): longtime tech journalist Paul Thurrott, analyst/industry pundit Rob Enderle, Steve VanRoekel, director of product management for Windows Server Solutions, Home Server engineering GM Charlie Kindel, and author and blogger Ed Bott.  Prakash, Andrew and David are pictured in front, left to right.


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