When I use the Windows Server 2003 domain controller (DC) install-from-media function, how can I back up information from an existing DC to copy to the new DC?

A. When you use Ntbackup to create a system-state backup of the existing DC information, the DC backup will contain the Active Directory (AD) information for the domain. If you back up the system state from a Global Catalog (GC) server, the new DC that you create from the DC backup can also become a GC. To create the DC backup, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Ntbackup (go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then click Backup).
  2. When Ntbackup starts, click Next.
  3. Select "Back up files and settings," then click Next.
  4. Select "Let me choose what to back up," then click Next.
  5. Expand My Computer, select System State (as this figure shows), then click Next.
  6. Select a location and a name for the backup, then click Next.
  7. Click Finish to begin creating the DC backup.
  8. After Ntbackup finishes creating the backup, click Close.

You'll then have a .bkf file that you can use to create a new DC.

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