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Q. How can I check which domain controllers (DCs) are acting as bridgeheads for a site?

A. The Intersite Topology Generator (ISTG) decides which of a site's DCs will act as the site's bridgehead servers (in Windows Server 2003, you can use multiple DCs for each replicated naming context). One way to check which DCs are acting as bridgehead servers for a site is to view the connection objects by using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in, which shows the DCs each DC is replicating with.

The best method for determining which DCs are acting as bridgehead servers is to use the Repadmin tool and specify the bridgeheads server parameter. To do so, enter the command

repadmin /bridgeheads

You'll then see on-screen messages similar to those that the Figure shows.

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