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Product Brief: Bomgar 10.6 gets high availability

Bomgar is well known for its on-premise support solution, allowing you to view and control your users' PCs from around the world. Their claim to fame is that you put the Bomgar hardware (or a virtual machine) on your premises, whereas their competition is mostly cloud based.

On Feb. 1 Bomgar announced version 10.6 of their software. The main improvement this time is to enable what Bomgar calls Atlas Technology, which a Bomgar rep explained was basically a way to set up a private cloud of Bomgar appliances. This way you get redudancy--you can keep using the Bomgar features in case of a failure of one piece of equipment. Atlas also does load balancing, including geographic load balancing, so that users can be routed to the nearest, fastest support technicials.

For now the Atlas upgrade applies only for the hardware appliance, but the company plans to include virtual Bomgar appliances in the future. The upgrade to 10.6 is free for existing Bomgar users, but there may be some increased requirements for companies that want to implement Atlas.

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