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Zune Web Site Goes Dark, Microsoft Answers Some Xbox Music Questions


Visitors to the Zune web site are in for a surprise: It’s gone. Instead, you’re transferred to a partner support page on that explains the transition from Zune Music to Xbox Music.

“Zune Music is now Xbox Music!” the site notes. “Get your Zune favorites: Support, Music Pass, Software, and your Account through … the web site has been turned off and content has been moved to”

Some services from the old Zune site are quite MIA however. The web playback interface is gone, for example, though Microsoft says it will be coming back in the future. (You can still access Zune Marketplace from your PC (using the Zune PC software), Windows Phone, or Xbox 360.)

A Q&A answers some of the lingering questions about this transition, including:

Zune Music Pass. Renamed to Xbox Music Pass, this will still work with the Zune PC Software on Windows 7 or Windows 8. “Current Zune Music Pass customers will automatically become Xbox Music Pass customers and will have access to everything they love about Zune and more.”

Zune Music Pass grandfathered “keep 10” accounts. The site says “10 songs keepers aren’t supported by the Xbox Music app on Windows 8.” I take this to mean that you will not be able to download the 10 free songs per month using the Windows 8 Xbox Music app. Instead, you can continue doing so via the Zune PC software. Fair enough.

Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 users. An Xbox Music Pass will work on Windows 7 PC's and Windows Phone 7.

Zune and Xbox 360. Your Xbox 360 will automatically update the music app from Zune to Xbox Music over the next few weeks. When it does, the Zune branding will disappear, replaced with Xbox Music and Xbox Video branding.

I’ve submitted several other questions to Xbox about Xbox Music and hope to hear back soon.

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