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Microsoft's Fix it Tool Automates Error Resolution

Microsoft has updated its Fix it utility--a little-known tool that adds support for the often-complex problem-solving articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.  Imagine clicking a button on a Knowledge Base page and downloading a program that fixes the issue described in the article. That's a great option for inexperienced users who might find the resolution details and the manual steps difficult to understand. The Fix it button is found on more than 100 articles so far, and more than 75,000 people have used the service since Microsoft released it in December 2008. You can view a list of the articles that contain the button in the "Fix it for me blog".

Microsoft's Fix it website is requesting input from users. If you find an article for which you'd like to see a Fix it button, you can email the article number to Microsoft and if accepted, the company will create a Fix it package and put a button on the associated page.

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