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Microsoft to Ship Digital Image Suite 2006

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that its next generation digital imaging software, Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006, is available for pre-order and will ship to consumers on July 5. Digital Image Suite 2006 includes all of the software tools consumers need to organize, manage, edit, and share digital photos.

"Microsoft understands that photographs are most valuable if you can find them, make them great and share them with loved ones," says Microsoft Home and Retail Division marketing manager AnnMarie Thomas. "With Digital Image Suite 2006 consumers can find snapshots in just a few clicks, enabling them to spend more time turning their pictures into masterpieces they are proud to share."

While Digital Image Suite 2006 visually resembles and works much like its predecessor, this version includes a wide range of new features. The product now supports video management as well as image management, providing a single location in which to manage and organize digital photos and movies; as with images, movies can be rated, marked with flags and keywords, and shared. The suite also supports editing various Raw image formats, and includes a new device synchronization feature that helps you share digital images with portable devices through Windows Media Player 10. Digital Image Suite 2006 also includes PhotoStory 3.1, the latest version of Microsoft's amazing digital photo slideshow solution, which adds photo quick-edit features.

I've been using Digital Image Suite 2006 for a few weeks and will review it soon for the SuperSite for Windows. The product will sell for $99, but will come with rebates worth up to $40 off.

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