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Microsoft Released Update Rollup 1 For Windows 2000 SP4

Microsoft released Update Rollup 1 For Windows 2000 SP4, which contains all updates and patches and updates previously issued as of June 28 as well as some new fixes too. A spokesperson for Microsoft said that there will be no forthcoming Service Pack 5 for Windows 2000 and that Update Rollup 1 will not be a requirement in order to receive support during Windows 2000's extended support phase. The company  believes that "the Update Rollup will meet customer needs more appropriately than a new service pack." 

The new rollup package will not be available via the Windows automatic update mechanism until after Microsoft completes the transition of its update infrastructure from version 4 to version 6, which should be complete some time in July 2005. However the rollup package will be available through other channels, including the Windows Update site as well as the new Microsoft Update Web site. Microsoft posted
a FAQ and an announcement regarding the new rollup package which contains links to a second FAQ  and the related download site.

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