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Microsoft Expands VoIP Push with Acquisition

Microsoft revealed yesterday that it has acquired another Internet voice communications company,, to bolster its presence in the emerging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market., a 23-person startup based in Switzerland, is Microsoft's second VoIP-related purchase in recent months. In August, the software giant acquired Teleo as well.

"Integrating voice communications with the rich collaboration capabilities of the Microsoft Office System will enable exciting new collaboration scenarios that will improve individual and team collaboration," said Microsoft corporate vice president Anoop Gupta. developed VoIP-based communications applications aimed at businesses, rather than consumers. This contrasts the technology with that of Teleo, which developed VoIP solutions aimed at individuals. Microsoft says that the Media-streams technology will be added to Microsoft's Live Communications Server and to Office 12, the next version of Microsoft Office.

Additionally, Microsoft on Monday demonstrated a VoIP-enabled version of Windows Live Messenger, an upcoming replacement for the MSN Messenger instant messaging (IM) solution. "VoIP is exploding," Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said during the Monday event. "We want to enable the software richness on the PC to connect out to traditional \[phone systems\]."

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