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JSI Tip 1299. How do I configure DNS SOA default values in the registry?

While you can configure these values in DNS Admin, it is very labor-intensive, if you create lots of zones.

To use the registry, first upgrade to Service Pack 5.

Use regedt32 to navigate to:


Note: The following are type REG_DWORD values and should be entered with the Decimal Radix.

 To Configure   Add Value Name 
 Serial Number     ForceSoaSerial 
 Minimum TTL     ForceSoaMinimumTtl 
 Expire Timer     ForceSoaExpire 
 Retry Timer     ForceSoaRetry 
 Refresh Timer     ForceSoaRefresh 

These registry entries will serve as the default for new zones AND will, on every restart of DNS, overwrite the SOA value of every primary zone that loads on your server.

NOTE: ForceSoaSerial should only be used once, then deleted, to insure normal serial number functionality.

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