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JSI Tip 0723. A better way to set registry permissions on a key and its' sub-keys, in batch.

Supplement Two of the NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit contains Regini which will allow you to set registry permissions in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS hives.

Regini reads a script file, which for our purposes, contains a single record in the \Registry\Key \[ACL\] syntax:

\Registry - A constant.

          \Machine = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
          \User = HKEY_USERS

\[ACL\] - The ACL is a list of numbers, separated by spaces, within square brackets. The numbers represent the following permissions:

	1.	Administrator Full 
	2.	Administrator R 
	3.	Administrator RW 
	4.	Administrator RWD 
	5.	Creator Full 
	6.	Creator RW 
	7.	World Full 
	8.	World R 
	9.	World RW 
	10.	World RWD 
	11.	Power Users Full 
	12.	Power Users RW 
	13.	Power Users RWD 
	14.	System OpFull 
	15.	System OpRW 
	16.	System OpRWD 
	17.	System Full 
	18.	System RW 
	19.	System R 
	20.	Administrator RWX

\Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\ENUM \[1 8 17\] - will grant Administrator - Full Control, Everyone - Read, and System - Full Control.

\Registry\User\S-1-5-21-2053067395-480382929-641664369-1001\Software\Strange Software Thingy \[1 8 17\] - Same as above.

\Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\ENUM \[8 17\] - Will remove the Administrator group from the first example.

REG (from the Resource Kit Supplement, not the freeware at tip 170) has a Query option that will allow you to display keys and sub-keys. The JSIRegS.bat file will apply the specified ACL to the Key and its' sub-keys. The usage is:

JSIRegS ScriptFile1 \[ScriptFile2 ScriptFile3 . . . ScriptFileN\]

JSIRegS.bat contains:

@echo off
PushD <Path to Resource Kit>
if exist %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log del /q %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log
if exist %TEMP%\JSIRegS.ini del /q %TEMP%\JSIRegS.ini
if /i "%1"

"" goto syntax
if exist %1 goto parse
@echo INI file %1 not found or contains an invalid entry.
goto end
set reg=%reg:\Registry\User=HKU%
set reg=%reg:\registry\user=HKU%
if /i "%reg%"

"%savekey%" goto Ssyntax
goto key
for /f "Tokens=1-2* Delims=\[\]" %%i in (%1) do set reg=%%i!&set sec=%%j
set reg=%reg: !=%
set savekey=%reg%
set reg=%reg:\Registry\Machine=HKLM%
set reg=%reg:\registry\machine=HKLM%
if /i "%reg%"

"%savekey%" goto hku
regini %1
set reg="%reg%"
reg query %reg% /s >> %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log
for /f "Tokens=*" %%i in ('findstr /b "\[" %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log') do call :mkini "%%i"
set reg=
set savekey=
set sec=
set sub=
if exist %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log del /q %TEMP%\JSIRegS.log
if "%1"

"" goto end
goto check
set sub=%1
set sub=%sub:\[=%
set sub=%sub:\]=%
set sub=%sub:"=%
@echo %savekey%\%sub% \[%sec%\] > %TEMP%\JSIRegS.ini
regini %TEMP%\JSIRegS.ini
del %TEMP%\JSIRegS.ini

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