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JSI Tip 0390 - Registry entries for the FTP service.

Registry entries that are specific to the FTP Service are located at:


 Value   Type   Default   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 AccessCheck   REG_DWORD   0   Designed for FAT volumes. 0=No Access check, 1=Access will be verified against the permissions you set on a new sub-key of Parameters, also called AccessCheck. 
 AllowAnonymous   REG_DWORD   1   0=Anonymous users are not permitted to connect to or download files from the FTP service. This will expose the username/password in clear test. 1=Anonymous allowed. 
 AnnotateDirectories   REG_DWORD   0   0=no annotation. 1=FTP annotates by displaying the contents of the hidden 390ftpsvc390.ckm file in each directory. 
 AnonymousOnly   REG_SZ   0   0=IIS permits both anonymous and non-anonymous connections.1=IIS does not permit non-anonymous connections to the FTP service. 
 EnablePortAttack   REG_DWORD   0   0=The FTP service does not establish connections to ports with numbers lower than IP_PORT_RESERVED (1024), except for the standard FTP data port (20). 1=Allow clients to destroy the server. 
 ExitMessage   REG_SZ   Blank   The text sent in response to a QUIT. 
 GreetingMessage   REG_SZ or REG_MULTI_SZ   Blank   The message sent by the FTP service when a user logs on. 
 LogAnonymous   REG_SZ   1   0=Don't log anonymous connections in the Application Event log. 1=Do log. 
 LogNonAnonymous   REG_DWORD   1   0=Don't record non-anonymous connections in the Application Event log. 1=Do log. 
 LowercaseFiles   REG_DWORD   0   0=Native file System functionality. 1=Convert to lowercase before searching. 
 MaxClientsMessage   REG_SZ   Blank   Text of message when logon is rejected due to maximum connections limit. 
 MsdosDirOutput   REG_DWORD   1   0=UNIX. 1=DOS. 

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