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How can I turn off compression for Active Directory (AD) intersite replication.

A. Replication between sites is normally compressed, which uses up extra processing on the domain controllers (DCs) but saves network bandwidth. If you have very fast links between sites and would rather use extra bandwidth than CPU cycles to compress the traffic perform the following:

  1. Start the Adsiedit tool by typing the command
    Adsiedit is a support tool, so you must have installed the Windows Support Tools from the Windows 2000 Server or later CD-ROM (support\tools folder).
  2. Expand the Configuration container, then expand CN=Sites and CN=Inter-Site Transports. Select CN=IP.
  3. The right pane of the Adsiedit tool lists your site links. Right-click the site link for which you want to turn off compression and select Properties from the context menu.
  4. Double-click the Option attribute.
  5. If the Option value is currently <Not Set>, enter 4 and click OK. If it has a value you need to derive it’s new value, To do so, convert the current value to binary and then use the OR function to combine it with 0100. For example, a current value of 1 is 0001 in binary. If you OR 0001 with 0100, you get 0101, which, converted to decimal, is 5. Therefore, you enter a value of 5.
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