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Coming Soon: Xbox 360 Essentials Pack


Microsoft will soon begin selling an Xbox 360 Essentials Pack that bundles together three popular hardware devices into a single, less expensive package. So if you know someone who needs a new wireless controller, HDMI cable, and Xbox Media Remote, this may be a great choice for a gift this holiday season.

The Xbox 360 Essentials Pack will ship in October 2012, cost $79.99, and include:

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. The standard Xbox 360 wireless controller retails for $49.99.

Xbox 360 Media Remote. This useful media remote, which I use with my living room Xbox 360 for watching media on the HDTV, retails for $19.99.

High Speed HDMI Cable. Microsoft’s HDMI cable retails for an astonishing $39.99. (I buy HDMI cables on Amazon for under $5 each.)

3-month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. This card provides three months of Xbox LIVE Gold access, which is worth $24.99 at retail. (An annual Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is $59.99.)

Add all that up and it comes to about $135. Since the Essentials Pack is just $80, that’s a savings of $55. So even assuming you buy HDMI cables at more reasonable prices, it’s a savings. You know, assuming you need the whole thing.


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