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Bleeding Edge of Snort

A new Web site, The Bleeding Edge of Snort, is available for those who use Snort IDS.  Among other things, the site offers new Snort rules that aren't necessarily part of the regular Snort rules distribution.

For example, there are intrusion detection rules for the issues that were recently discovered in ASP.NET.  There are also rules to detect certain denial of service (DoS) attacks against Cisco routers, DoS attacks against Microsoft SMS, buffer overflows in Adobe Acrobat Reader, almost two dozen rules that detect exploits against Internet Explorer (IE), over a dozen rules to detect exploits against Internet Information Server (IIS), rules for Microsoft SQL Server exploits, rules to help protect against various file downloads such as registry files, executables, DLLs, and a much more. The Snort rules are freely available to the public and new rules can be contributed by anyone.

The site is run by numerous contributors and sponsored by Vortek Hosting, infotex, and Applied Watch Technologies. Also available at the site are message boards, news feeds, new files announcements, and more.

TAGS: Security
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