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Another Way to Determine Most Recent Reboot

In "Determine Most Recent Reboot" (September 2003, InstantDoc ID 39693), Tim Fenner offers a suggestion for how to figure out when your machine was last rebooted. You can also use the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit's uptime.exe program. (This command is also standard in Windows Server 2003.)

Uptime's syntax is simple. Open a command prompt and enter

uptime <server name or IP address>

for the computer you want information about. (Omitting the parameter causes the command to run on the local system.) Uptime responds: \\ServerName has been up for: X day(s), Y hour(s), Z minute(s).

You can use the /s parameter to obtain statistical information. (This information is limited only by the size of your System log.) Uptime reports system availability, total uptime and downtime, the number of reboots that have occurred, the mean time between reboots, and the total number of blue screens.

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