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Access Denied: Looking for the MMC Local Security Settings Console

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Why do some of my Windows Server 2003 computers have a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Local Security Settings console under Administrative Tools and others don't?

Checking the systems on my network, I found that Windows 2003 domain controllers (DCs) don't have the Local Security Settings console under Administrative Tools. Standalone Windows 2003 computers (i.e., computers that aren't a domain member) do have the console. I don't have any Windows 2003 computers that aren't a DC but are a domain member, so I can't report on that setup. The Local Security Settings console is useful on DCs and domain member servers so that you can view the security settings currently in effect on the local computer.

If your server doesn't have the Local Security Settings console, you can easily access the same information by running mmc.exe, loading the MMC Group Policy Object Editor console, and navigating to the local computer. When you view the settings under Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings, you're looking at the effective security settings on that system, with all applicable Group Policy Objects (GPOs) applied. For more information about local security policy and effective settings, see "Understanding Windows Server 2003's Local Security Settings," February 2004, InstantDoc ID 41279.

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