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64-Bit System

64-Bit System. In the past 2 years, 64-bit systems have gone from cutting edge to commonplace, so we added a category for 64-bit servers to the 2005 Readers' Choice awards. If you're looking at buying a new server, you'll probably be considering a 64-bit processor. Readers voted Dell's PowerEdge servers their top choice for 64-bit computing. Dell offers Intel processors that support Intel Extend Memory 64 Technology (EM64T), Intel's 64-bit support for the x86 processor family, and Intel Itanium processors, Intel's line of native 64-bit processors. Dell offers as many as four Xeon processors with EM64T on the high-end PowerEdge 6800 series, but you can also upgrade other PowerEdge servers, such the PowerEdge SC420, to a Pentium 4 processor with EM64T.

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