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Windows 7 'System Launcher', life without the Start Menu

Mike Halsey creates a "system launcher" for the Windows 7 Beta, which makes the Start Menu even more redundant than it already is. The best news: You can put the Recycle Bin in the taskbar now!

One of the biggest criticisms of Windows 7, especially form myself, has been the inability to pin icons like the control panel, computer and recycle bin to the new taskbar.  This meant that Windows 7 was a nasty half-way house between what Microsoft want Windows to become long-term and the old Windows XP way of doing things.


I was wondering if it was possible to split the quick launch area.  I was delighted to discover this is actually quite simple to do. ... With these options now available on the taskbar there really is no further need for the Start Menu other than to find rarely used programs and to switch the computer off.  This is the type of feature that Microsoft should make much easier and simpler to implement.  This system only really works on bigger screens but is certainly the way I’ll be using Windows 7 from now on.

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