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Windows 7 SP1 Still On Track for Q4 2010

IDG News/Computerworld/Gregg Keizer gets it wrong again when this bizarre distributed entity reports this week that Microsoft "may move up Windows 7 service pack release" from its fictional original plan to "wait nearly two years after Windows 7's launch to issue a first service pack." Now, he says, Microsoft has "since changed its mind" and may ship Windows 7 SP1 as soon as "the last quarter of 2010."


Q4 2010 has always been the plan. As I've been saying for months, that plan has Windows 7 (and Server 2008 R2) SP1 shipping exactly one year after the original release of those OSes. That plan hasn't changed, to my knowledge.

End of story.

Except that I'm getting really tired of the IDG News network thing. These guys are pathologically untrustworthy.

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