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Is Windows 7 Ready for Enterprise Use?

I'm giving a web presentation called "Is Windows 7 Ready for Enterprise Use" tomorrow (September 24) at 11:00 am ET, if you're around and are interested in checking it out. The presentation is part of a wider virtual conference called Smart IT Sessions, hosted by Keystone Learning. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet is also presenting, in fact she's doing two presentations, including the keynote. All of the sessions are one hour long. Here's the official description of my talk.

Is Windows 7 ready for Enterprise Use?

This session will cover the new features, secrets, and tips for Microsoft’s latest operating system, as well as evaluate Windows 7’s place in the enterprise organization. Is Windows 7 ready for immediate deployment? Enterprises generally like to wait, but with most running on a creaky, Windows XP-based infrastructure, now just might be the time. We’ll examine the TCO benefits of migrating to Windows 7 as well as look at the new features and improvements that will delight users and IT admins alike. We’ll also touch on the “better together” scenarios that are fulfilled when you add Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2009 R2 releases to the mix as well.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow (virtually)!

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