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Windows 10 (Redstone 4) Build Tracker for PCs

We track the history of the development builds being released for the next major feature update for Windows 10.

Microsoft's Windows Insider Program allows IT pros, system admins and enthusiasts to test pre-release versions of the next major feature update for Windows 10.

There is often no indication that a build will be released until it is announced by the Windows Insider team, and there is no schedule for when these builds will be flighted (Microsoft's process of evaluating a build for public release), but there are often hints on social media for the impending availability of a new test build.

Here at IT Pro we track these build releases during each development cycle, and this gallery documents the sequence of those releases from Microsoft.

This tracker has been set up to chronicle all of the Redstone 4 development branch builds (Redstone 4 is the code name for the next feature update for Windows 10, which is expected to be released in March 2018.)

The builds will be listed in the order they have been released by Microsoft, with the latest build listed first. Just click through the gallery images to see the sequence of builds along with the build number and date of release.

Note: All update information is courtesy of Microsoft.


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