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Windows 10 November Update: Let Windows manage default printer

Windows 10 November Update: Let Windows manage default printer

If you are a mobile worker and use a portable Windows 10 based device between home, work or even different floors of your company there is a new feature in the November update for Windows 10 that makes accessing your default printer more logical.

In previous versions of Windows your default printer never changed and if you were needing to use a different printer in a new location for a short period of time it always meant re-selecting it for each print job.

Now, in the November Update for Windows 10, you can allow Windows to manage your default printer so that the last printer you used will come up as your default for printing jobs.

Windows 10 Default Printer in November Update

As you can see above, with the Let Windows manage my default printer option turned on the last printer I used is marked and that is the device that will appear next time I select to print something from this device.

If I then select a different printer it will shift the Last used label to it and bring it up as the default for follow-on print jobs.

If you never move this device then you can turn off the option and just select a single default device for future print jobs however, it is not required as your default will still become the last printer used.

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