Windows 10 App Can Reveal Your Hacked Accounts

Windows 10 App Can Reveal Your Hacked Accounts

Wait five minutes and you’ll see another news story cross the wires about some web site that has been compromised and personal data stolen.

A good friend of ours here at IT Pro (and the columnist in charge of Security Sense), Troy Hunt, built a popular and valuable web service called Have I Been Pwned? You enter your email address or username and it will come back with information on if you’re account has been compromised, on which site is was compromised, and what personal data could have been stolen.

Now, a 3rd party developer has released an app for Windows 10 called simply, Hacked? that runs locally but connects to Have I Been Pwned? and displays the result offline.

You can grab the app from the Windows Store here: Hacked?

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